Adam Halaš

Dr. Adam Halaš, PhD

director, mime, actor, pedagogue, moderator and artistic manager

born on 13 Nov. 1975 in Chomutov

currently active as a pedagogue and administrator at the HAMU Department of Non-verbal and Comic Theatre,

founder, chief organizer and dramaturge of the pantomime festival Jsem spokojenej aneb(I’m Satisfied or…)

theatrical dramaturge and production chief of the NoD Experimental Space Roxy/NoD

1990 – 1994 general curriculum secondary school in Chomutov

1995 – 1999 Charles University School of Medicine (6 semesters)

2000 – 2003 HAMU, graduated from the Bachelor’s program – major in non-verbal and comic theatre

2003 – 2005 HAMU, graduated from the Master’s program – major in non-verbal and comic theatre

2005 – 2008 HAMU, graduated from the Doctorate program – dance – major in non-verbal and comic theatre

1998 – 2008 organization and dramaturgy for 29 pantomime festivals – Jsem spokojenej at the Aero cinema

1997 – 2000  completed study of modern pantomime and miming with the pedagogue Vladimír Gut

1997 – 1998  pantomime course with Jiří Kaftan and Vladimír Gut at the Jaroslav Ježek Conservatory

1997                 acting premiere – artistic movement performance at GOLEM, director: Vladimír Gut

                         (Alfréd ve Dvoře Theatre, Kašparův, Mimoriál in Kolín, Theatre on Celetná, Boskovice festival)

1998                 founding of the legendary pantomime and movement theatre festival – Jsem spokojenej aneb

                         performed in the opera Bubu z Montparnassu directed by Jiří Nekvasil, Prague State Opera

                         played the role of a clown in the TV film Píseň lítosti directed by Dušan Klein

                         played the role of Hromoslav in King Ubu at the Rubín Theatre

2000                 played in the co-produced film DUNA

                         production and direction assistant for the film Paralelní světy written and directed by Petr Václav

                         production assistant, signature film for the Caban brothers at the Karlovy Vary film festival

                         production assistant for the opening and closing ceremonies and auxiliary events at the festival

2001                 production and casting of the film Giro di Vita directed by Ctibor Turba

2002                 class performance of Mjůů zik directed by Števo Capko, participation at the Kašparův mimoriál festival

2003                 Inspirace Theatre, performed in the opera Dementia Praecox by Michal Nejtek and Jiří Heřman

                         Author of the performance MATES as a Bachelor’s project, ROXY/NOD, supervising instructor: Associate Prof. Boris Hybner

2004                 Na Frak Festival, Ponec Theatre, acting in the performance Take Five, directed by Associate Prof. Boris Hybner

                         moderator of the film festival in Neratovice

                         planning, directing and producing a gala evening for Telecom, Invex, Brno

                         executive production for a film by the director Jiří Havelka – 1203 aneb není mi smutno

                         appearance at the gala evening of the pantomime festival Open, performance – Take Five

                         appearance at a festival in Jablonec nad Nisou, Take Five

                         appearance at a culture venue in Heidenreichstein, Austria, performance – Take Five

                         Pantomime Miniatures I and II – Inspirace Theatre – organization and acting

                         appearance at a festival in Chomutov, performance of Take Five

                         Toyama, Toga, Japan, performance of Take Five

                         directing and dramaturgy, première of the fairy tale O Smolíčkovi, directing, ROXY/NOD

                         Toyama, Japan, International Children’s Festival, O Smolíčkovi, main prize of the festival

2005                 regular monthly repeat performances of the fairy tale O Smolíčkovi, ROXY/NOD

                         Mimoskop – Mikroskop, 3rd annual event, Open Studio of the HAMU Department of Non-verbal Theatre, organization and moderator

                         graduation performance Hledání zlatého orla under the pedagogical leadership of Associate Prof. Boris Hybner

2006                 coordinator of the festival MIMRAJ 2006 – semi-annual festival of pantomime, clownery and slapstick

2007                 directing of the movement performance ZTRACENI, première on 13 Nov., Inspirace Theatre at HAMU

                         directing, trailer – clip for the movement performance ZTRACENI

                         Toyama, Japan, Festival of Mime Theatre, directing of ZTRACENI, workshop – Mime in Space

2008                 directing, subject matter, script – documentary film – Petr Pachl, still being filmed

                         dramaturgy and directing of celebrations of the 90th anniversary of the independent Czechoslovak state for Prague District 6 (28 October)

Published Works

Halaš, Adam: Festiválek - Jsem spokojenej. Orghast 2003, p. 26.

Halaš, Adam: Poznatky k produkci pantomimy a pohybového divadla. Bachelor’s thesis, HAMU 2003.

Halaš, Adam: Čeští mimové v EU. Master’s thesis, HAMU 2005.

Halaš, Adam: Přehled výuky mimického divadla v České republice. HAMU 2005.

Halaš, Adam: Nonverbální divadlo současnosti, study for the Theatrical Institute. 2008.

Halaš, Adam: Nový mim. Doctoral dissertation, HAMU 2008.

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