7/11/2022 PŘEDNÁŠKA: Dr. Norman Ludwin: Hollywood Film Music

Pondělí 7. 11. 2022, 9 - 13, učebna 1022
zájemci potvrdí účast nejpozději do 4. 11. e-mailem na gabriela.kotrcova@hamu.cz

Dr. Norman Ludwin: Hollywood Film Music

Film Scoring Academy of Europe
ThinkSpace Education
University of California Los Angeles Extension Film Department

My seminar’s title is "Hollywood Film Music” and examines various orchestration and composition topics.

The orchestration discussion points include the role of the contemporary orchestrator, the tools one needs, the workflow between composer and orchestrator, getting started in the business, and orchestration versus ghost writing. We will continue with analysis of cues by Michael Giacchino and, time permitting, Bernard Herrmann and John Williams.
I will also be discussing the development of material, thematic use, harmonic language, differing film music aesthetics internationally, commercial demands versus the composer’s personality, and the challenges that library music poses for the modern composer.
We will finish with Q and A from the attendees. 

Dr. Norman Ludwin is a pioneer in the field of orchestration and the study of film composition. He is a working orchestrator in Hollywood and an in-demand session bassist. He is also an instructor in the UCLA Film Scoring Department, the Film Scoring Academy of Europe, and at ThinkSpace Education.
Recent orchestration credits include Jurassic World, Inside Out, Star Trek into Darkness, Super-8, John Carter, and Priest.

Dr. Ludwin has lectured to enthusiastic audiences in Los Angeles, New York City, Washington D.C., Boston, Chicago, San Francisco, Bloomington, Seattle, Toronto, Halifax, Munich, Zurich, Rome, Bologna, Sofia, Rio de Janeiro, Säo Paulo, Beijing, Shanghai, Nanking, Singapore, Kuala Lumpur, Bangkok, and Ho Chi Minh City.

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