Dean's Decree No. 20/2020, conditions and course of admissions procedure for continuing master's programme in English at the Music and Dance Faculty of AMU

Art. 1 Introductory provisions

In accordance with Art. 18 and 19 of the Statute of the Academy of Performing Arts in Prague, the Dean of the Music and Dance Faculty of the Academy of Performing Arts in Prague (hereinafter HAMU) hereby declares the below rules for the admissions procedure and conditions for admission to the full-time master's degree programme in English in the 2021/2022 academic year.

Art. 2 List of open HAMU fields of study for the 2021/2022 academic year

  • Art of Music programme:









Double Bass








French Horn




Music Direction

Sound Design

Chamber Music


  • Art of Dance programme:


Dance Education

Dance Theory

Non-Verbal Theatre


Art. 3 Course of admissions procedure

Date of entrance examinations: 1 June – 12 June 2021

Deadline for applications: 15 April 2021

Administrative fee: CZK 878, fee to be paid by bank transfer to AMU's account no. 19-5373180297/0100, variable symbol 64911, specific symbol = application code. The administrative fee is non-refundable.

Fill out the electronic application form in the following application, print out the generated application form in pdf, and send the printed out version with the applicant's signature and all the mandatory attachments (see the annex to this decree) to the following address: Studijní odd.

HAMU, Malostranské nám. 13, 118 00 Praha 1 or bring it in personally to the AMU MAILROOM, Malostranské nám. 259/12, Prague 1. For opening hours see: University Organizational Structure | AMU

Further information at:

The "Application" web app for the AMU study system is open from 15 March to 15 April 2021

Applications sent or brought in after the deadline (determined by the post stamp) will not be included in the admissions procedure.|

Art. 4 Admissions procedure rules and conditions of admission

Each department and section sets specific dates for when admissions will take place. Invitations with further information will be sent to applicants by the relevant department's staff to the e-mail address provided on their application form.

The master's programme is accredited as a two-year follow-up to prior successfully completed bachelor's studies of the same study programme/field. Should it not be completely clear from the applicant's application that the requirement of the same programme/field has been met, the Dean may allow the admissions procedure for the master's programme to be carried out on the basis of a written request from the exams committee of the relevant study programme/field if the completed bachelor's study programme/field is related by having the same or similar content focus to the given programme/field. Refer also to Dean's Decree No. 17/2020, Article 1.

Another condition for admission to the master's degree programme is successful completion of the entrance examinations in English and meeting the requirements of the admissions procedure.

All the conditions for meeting the stipulated criteria and, as well the minimum and maximum scores for the entrance examinations for the admissions procedure in individual fields, are published at

Art. 5 Alternative dates for entrance examinations

No alternative date for the admissions procedure has been set. If an applicant cannot attend the entrance exam on the proper date for health reasons and submits a doctor's confirmation within 3 days of the exam date, the Dean shall assess the excuse and in highly exceptional and justified cases the Dean may stipulate, at the proposal of the department and following agreement with the competent admissions committee, an alternative date for holding the entrance exam.

Art. 6 Announcement of results of admissions procedure

Applicants will be informed about the result of the entrance examination in writing within 30 days of the admissions committee making its decision.

Art. 7 Final provisions

This Decree was discussed and approved by the HAMU Academic Senate on 9 December 2020.

The annex to this Decree is an integral part thereof.

The Decree comes into effect on the day it is published on the HAMU website and official notice board.

Prague, 10 December 2020


Prof. Ivan Klánský

Dean of HAMU



Mandatory attachments to the application for follow-up master's programmes for the 2021/2022 academic year in English


      Applicants for studies are to complete the electronic application form, which they must submit to the faculty's study system (KOS) and also print out and sign by hand and deliver to the faculty address with all the mandatory attachments by the given deadline.


  • programme sheet, i.e. an overview of previous work including important compositions or creative works studied (does not apply to the fields Music Production, Music Theory and Dance Theory) in English
  • proof of payment of the administrative fee
  • a hand-signed artistic/professional CV in English with a portrait photo
  • confirmation of an accredited institution (under CEFR) on having obtained B2 proficiency in the English language
  •  applicants who graduated from a foreign university shall submit officially certified copies of their bachelor's diploma translated into Czech appended with a nostrification clause. In the case of prior studies at a Czech university, the applicant shall submit an officially verified bachelor's diploma and diploma supplement or confirmation of studies from the final year of university (in the column on the form) made out by the registrar's office; after graduating from bachelor's studies, the relevant documents must be delivered to the HAMU Registrar's Office without delay.
  •  a medical certificate of eligibility to study the chosen programme confirmed by a physician in the column on the form – in Czech
  •  for Voice: a medical confirmation from a phoniatrician no older than 30 days is to be submitted – in Czech

The provided documents will not be returned.


10. prosinec 2020