Rentals of premises and technical equipment

Liechtenstein and Hartig palace (residence of Music and Dance Faculty AMU) - academic premises are utilized at their maximum capacity for student instruction, examination and art performance at all times, which makes the possibility of rental very limited. For further information about potential vacancies and rental prices please contact us via e-mail or phone (as listed below).

Music and dance faculty AMU

Malostranské náměstí 13, 118 00 Praha 1

Arts operation:
Jiří Vlček - Supervisor


(+420) 234 244 134
(+420) 234 244 132
(+420) 234 244 144

A concert hall for 200 listeners with a triple-keyboard organ, two Steinway pianos, a harpsichord and an orchestra podium with ample facilities for performers, allowing direct recording in the HAMU Sound Studio.

Foyer and staircase designed by the sculptor Karel Nepraš.


Visitor facilities - cloakroom.


Performer facilities - backstage.

This concert hall for approximately 130 listeners with two Steinway pianos and a harpsichord is situated in the palace basement, a vast vaulted hall primarily for chamber concerts or art exhibitions, interpretation seminars or symposiums, scientific sessions, press conferences, etc.

The Inspirace Theatre is a HAMU stage studio built in the cellar rooms of the Liechtenstein Palace on Malostranské náměstí in Prague for the purposes of presenting HAMU students' musical and dance theatrical creations. The theatre was opened on 13.9.2000 on the opening night of two one-act operas, Landembork and La Serva Padrona. In 2014–15 it underwent exhaustive renovations, and since 15.10.2015 the theatre has again continued to serve its purpose.

The Inspirace Theatre has a simple stage without an orchestra pit. It is sufficiently furnished with light and sound equipment. The space is most often used for chamber plays and concerts. The hall has a capacity of 45 seats. By adding seats, a maximum audience capacity of 55 can be achieved.


BcA. Martin Bitala: +420 234 244 137,


More about Inspirace Theatre

Atelier HAMU – this is a closed space comprising small and large rehearsal rooms, a foyer with Wi-Fi for students, the TON office, the Opera Studio and its archive, a small storeroom and a kitchen.

It was created by converting the former HAMU canteen.

Thus, after many long years the right conditions and facilities were in place for the Opera Studio, tuition of opera, jazz and non-verbal theatre students, and Studio TON to work.

The premises are also used by other university departments or rented out, depending on free capacity.

The studio is accessible directly from Malostranské náměstí, making it suitable for renting out as well.

The large rehearsal studio is a favourite place for musical conferences with approximately 50 participants, workshops, concerts and singing competitions.

The room is variable and is equipped with two high-quality Bohemia grand pianos and other musical instruments.


Alena Honcová - +420 234 244 127,

Respirium with a girded ceiling with Renaissance paintings for audiences of approximately 50 (e.g. harp, harpsichord concerts, etc.). It can also be used as an exhibition room.

Club for approximately 100–130 visitors (catering, press conferences, social gatherings).

Summer grounds for an approximate total of 500 visitors – concerts, theatre performances.

Gothic tower for audiences of approximately 60–70 – guitar concert, string quartet, etc.

Ballet halls for dance chamber workshops.