Article I
Basic characteristics

This Decree establishes the course and conditions for short-term internships at the Music and Dance Faculty of the Academy of Performing Arts in Prague (HAMU). A short-term internship is a non-credit form of study at HAMU within a pre-defined scope conducted in Czech or English, which provides the status of a non-credit type of short-term study stay.

Article II
Terms and conditions of the non-credit internships

1.    The non-credit internship can be a minimum of 1 semester (13 weeks in October-January/February-June) and a maximum of 1 academic year (26 weeks in October-June) with the possibility of repeated applications. The exact conditions and a list of individual courses available within the non-credit internship are published on the HAMU website.
2.    The prices of non-credit internships are expressed in CZK, VAT included. The price list including binding payment dates is given in Annex 1 to this Decree. 
3.    Trainees in specific fields of study that require piano accompaniment may use 1 hour per week with a professional piano accompanist for an additional fee according to the current availability. 
4.    The trainee is entitled to receiving a school card, allowing the use of all HAMU facilities, such as libraries, practice rooms, halls, IT equipment for students, discounts in the faculty café, free access to all school concerts and, depending on availability, other events organized by the faculty. 
5.    The short-term internship does not provide ECTS credits.  
6.    The short-term internship does not entitle the accepted applicant to a visa for the purpose of "study", it allows the application for a general visa for the purpose of "other". 
7.    Proof of previous education in the field is not required.

Article III
Requirements of a non-credit internship

1.    Minimum age of 18 years at the time of starting the internship. 
2.    B1 level of English/Czech (depending on the chosen language of the internship). The language level will be verified during the entrance interview (online or in person at HAMU). The candidate is not obliged to prove the language level with an official CEFR certificate. 
3.    Personal participation in the internship - the internship cannot be completed online entirely. In exceptional cases approved by the teacher and the Vice Dean of Study Affairs, online consultations combined with personal participation in the classroom are possible.

Article IV
Applying for non-credit internships

1.    Application for a non-credit study internship is made online by completing the application form, which is attached as Annex 2 (for internships in Czech) and 3 (for internships in English) to this Decree. 
2.    There is no fee for applying for a non-credit internship.
3.    The closing dates for the submission of applications are 31 August (for applications for the winter semester and the whole academic year) and 31 December (for applications for the summer semester).
4.    An artistic curriculum vitae (CV), a motivation letter and at least two video demonstrations of artistic expression (video link) are an integral part of the application form. 
5.    An initial interview (in person or online) is scheduled on an individual basis based on availability after review of the application and required attachments.

Article V
Procedural requirements

1.    The person responsible for the admission of applicants to non-credit study placements and their studies is the Vice Dean for Student Affairs. After consultation with the relevant Head of Department, he/she confirms his/her decision by signing the Decision Form, which is internal material of the Faculty.
2.    The person responsible for communication with internship applicants, procedural coordination, administration of applications, entrance interviews, payments and contracting interns is the relevant HAMU International Affairs Officer.
3.    The person responsible for the coordination of teachers in the framework of internships is the head of the relevant department. 
4.    The person responsible for the coordination of the accompanists and their teachers is the Head of the Department of Piano Cooperation in cooperation with the teacher of the intern. 
5.    The person responsible for contracting teaching staff in connection with the teaching of trainees is the Vice-Dean for Student Affairs in cooperation with the Personnel Officer and the Head of the relevant Department. 
6.    The person responsible for reporting the hours taught in the context of teaching trainees is the relevant teacher, with the cooperation of the Personnel Officer and the Head of the relevant Department. 
7.    The person responsible for coordinating the payment of remuneration for teaching in the context of internships is the relevant International Affairs Officer in liaison with the Faculty Secretary. 
8.    The person responsible for the budgeting of the financial income from internships and its use is the Faculty Secretary in coordination with the Faculty Budget Officer and the relevant International Affairs Officer.
9.    The person responsible for coordinating the operational needs of the trainees (e.g. assistance in booking training classes, borrowing faculty premises and use of equipment for study purposes, etc.) is the responsible officer of the relevant department in coordination with the relevant International Affairs Officer.

Article VI
Transitional and general provisions

1. The Annexes to this Decree form an integral part of this Decree: 
No. 1 Price list including binding payment terms
No. 2 Application form for traineeships in the Czech language
No. 3 Application form for traineeships in English

2. This Decree shall enter into force and effect on the date of signature.

Prague, 12. 2. 2024                
prof. Ivan Klánský, Dean of HAMU    

19. February 2024