Sound installation Imerze: Immersed in Sound (Michal Rataj, Jan Trojan and Dragan Stojcevski) at Signal Festival 2023

12.-15.10.2023, U Salvátora Church

The sound installation created by Michal Rataj, Jan Trojan, which will be presented at the Signal Festival 2023, builds on the score's capture of the acoustic quality of the soundscape of the extinct village of Loukov and brings its retrospective sound reconstruction as a method of "ecological composition". The project is part of the theme of the portability of acoustic spaces and as such thematises a lively discourse between the professions of composers, sound designers, acoustic ecologists, architects of public space and media strategists.
The object of interest is the portability of immersive listening experience from the rural landscape of a vanished village to the enclosed garden of a big city, the preservation of vanishing soundscapes, their preservation and portability to public and virtual soundscapes.
The form of the sound installation helps to open up questions of the interrelationship between the contemporary landscape of the big city and the traditional acoustic quality of the disappearing countryside.
The space of the Church of Salvator is illuminated by a scenographic realization by Dragan Stojcevski originally created for the production King Oedipus at the National Theatre. 

More information about the project:

The sound installation was created on the occasion of the 100th anniversary of Český Rozhlas.
The artwork was created in collaboration with the Composition Department HAMU as part of the project Sound Immersion of Public and Private Sound Space, supported by the Institutional Support for the Long-term Conceptual Development of a Research Organisation, granted by the Ministry of Education Youth and Sports in 2022.

4. October 2023