Conditions of admission to the bachelor's study program Dance Pedagogy


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Specialization: Methods of Classical Ballet Technique
Specialization: Methods of Modern and Contemporary Dance
Specialization: Methods of Folk Dance

Knowledge of dance techniques at an advanced level of dance conservatory graduates; pedagogical talent and interest in the field; knowledge of music theory, overview of the history of art, dance and ballet; general cultural overview; teaching or artistic professional experience welcome.

Admission requirements
Applicants must submit the following materials to the Department of Dance ( with their application:
1. a professional curriculum vitae with emphasis on the level of dance education attained
2. a cover letter with emphasis on the intended major
3. a video recording of their own pedagogical output.

Documents sent after the deadline will not be included in the admission procedure. Failure to submit documents by the deadline will be considered as failure to meet the conditions and the admission procedure will be terminated.

The next admission procedure consists of two elimination rounds:

ROUND 1. Present
1) For the first round, the candidate will prepare 2 combinations of their choosen specialisation (classical dance or modern and contemporary dance or folk dance techniques) for pedagogical demonstration.
2) Simultaneously they shall submit to the commission a written preparation of their two pedagogical demonstrations.
3) a written test of general culture, of the history of dance and ballet, and of the history and theory of music.
4) a practical examination in dance techniques (classical, modern and contemporary, folk).

ROUND 2. Present
1) presentation of two pedagogical demonstrations of their own, the preparation of which was submitted in Round 1.
2) interview on the basic knowledge of the system of dance technique (classical, modern and contemporary or folk dance); a methodical approach to the analysis of the individual elements is required.
3) interview on dance pedagogy - preparation and execution of the lesson, attitude of the teacher towards the pupils, interest in the field, overview of what is happening in the field of art, etc.

The committee evaluates the candidates with a cumulative grade from 1 to 25 points, which includes knowledge of dance techniques (classical, modern and contemporary, folk) at the advanced level of Dance Conservatory graduates, pedagogical talent, knowledge of music theory, an overview of the history of art, dance and ballet, a general cultural overview, pedagogical or artistic professional practice are welcome. 

Upon completion of the entrance examination, the Admissions Committee will rank the applicants according to the average of their scores and recommend for admission those applicants who have met the minimum score of 20 points.


Foreign students applying for the tuition free study in Czech language need to provide a certificate of Czech language proficiency of B1 level or higher (in accordance with CEFR) from an acredited institution along with their application.