Dance Theory


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Programme objectives
Graduate profile

Czech language only.

Programme objectives

The Bachelor?s programme in the field of Dance Theory is focused on issues of historical and systematic dance theory and its application in dance criticism, popularisation, organisational activity, etc. Emphasis is placed on acquiring basic expertise in the history and theory of dance and related artistic fields (music, decorative, theatrical arts), and on orientation in the methods of dance theory and other art-theoretical fields. Students are led to engage in independent research activity and scientific presentation. Through required participation in practical dance courses and seminars, they are led to interconnect practical and theoretical knowledge of the field.

Graduate profile

A graduate of the Bachelor´s programme in Dance Theory is able to perform independent activity in the area of dance research and to present it in a high-quality manner. Graduates often apply their skills at research institutions, theatrical institutions or in current affairs commentary.


prof. Mgr. Dorota GREMLICOVÁ, Ph.D.


Phone: 234 244 194

Workplace: Katedra tance
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