Brief history

Piano Accompaniment Section was founded at the end of the 60s' at AMU under the name "Cabinete of piano practice and accompaniment". Leading professor of that time was a prominent Czech pianist prof. Jiří Hubička. From 1966 to 1983 the activity of the section was delegated to other departments of the faculty. It became quite clear however that the matters of piano accompaniment, piano répétiteur and basic piano are a study field self-succient enough for the section to be re-established in 1983 - that time named the "Cabinet of piano accompaniment". Most noteable pedague of that time was renown Czech pianist and piano accompaniment specialist, doc. Eva Glancová. In 1991 the "Piano Accompaniment Section" was finally established as an independent art-instructive section of HAMU. Nowadays is serves its role as a platform bringing together pianists working at different departments - specifically in the instrumental fields of study (keyboards, strings and woodwind and brass instruments), in the voice and singing, music conducting, dancing - and pedagogues of piano practice.