Dear Colleagues and Teachers,

Considering the current situation with the COVID pandemic and the resultant necessity of distance learning and online communication, we would like to inform you about certain technical options and offer you a tool to help you in teaching.

There are many options for online communication (platforms and applications) and you can certainly choose the option that best suits your subject and teaching methods. If you are still choosing one of the options, please have a look at our online teaching hub, which you will find attached to this newsletter.


We would like to offer you the option of using the Microsoft Teams application under the Microsoft 365 school licence. This platform is recommended by AMU and supported for online instruction. It is suitable for chats, video calls, recurring meetings and sharing of files with students.

You can log in to the application for example from where you can download it to your private device. Your login information for Microsoft Teams is the same as for your e-mail box, which means your e-mail with your main password for the AMU network.


In Microsoft Teams, you can set up ‏‘Teams’ useful for close communication and sharing of files with students as part of various subjects, sections within workplaces, projects, etc. If you want to set up your team, please the form for founding a Team at and we will found your Team.


More information and instructions for working with Microsoft Teams are available at:


We hope that you will find this information useful and remain available to assist you.

Tomáš HOLÝ
Počítačové centrum AMU
+420 234 244 508

5. October 2020