We would like to address you on behalf of the second year of the Department of Arts Management, which this season is organizing the 30th annual ZLOMVAZ festival. This year's edition will take place from 12 to 15 June 2024 in Prague and will be themed FRESH.

We chose the subtitle "Fresh" as a reference to the emerging generation of young artists, a reference to the freshness of the repertoire and to the topics that students (and not only) consider important today. The environment, the polarization of society, social and personal identity, all this and much more will resonate at this year's Zlomvaz.

We encourage contributions from students and graduates that genuinely reflect their passion, encompassing not only thesis productions but also extra-curricular projects, aptly named "Heartbreakers."

Taking "Fresh" literally, we plan an outdoor experience on the final day at the Únětice Brewery outside Prague, crafting a program for both students and the youngest generation.

In addition to Únětice and the premises of DAMU, part of the festival programme will also take place at the Archa+ Theatre or on the island of Štvanice. Traditionally, there will also be a football tournament, a match where not only students across schools and departments, but also teachers led by the Dean of the Faculty will meet at one place. The festival's program would not be complete without concerts, film project from FAMU, workshops and other activities.

We invite you to join our program. You can sign up here:

Open call: ZLOMVAZ FRESH 2024

Deadline: 15. 3. 2024

9. February 2024