The Institute of Music Theory (ÚTH) is a research institute of the Faculty of Music and Dance of the Academy of Performing Arts. It was founded on the 30th of November, 1990 by decision of the Dean of HAMU. Today, it is in its thirty first year of existence and is basically the only music theory workplace in the category of the music science institute.

Since the beginning of its existence, the Institute of Music Theory has been profiled in published monographs of ÚTH members.

An important, nationwide activity of the Institute is the organization of professional conferences with a theoretical and pedagogical focus or centred on a particular topic or on some important personality on the Czech Music Theory and Science scene. The Živá hudba (Live Music) collection, which was published at HAMU from 1959 to 2008, was the publishing platform of the Institute of Music Theory. After that, Živá hudba became a joint periodical of music and dance theorists and has since provided a wide professional public with publishing opportunities for professional studies.

Miloš Hons, Director of the ÚTH (INSTITUTE OF MUSIC THEORY)