Tuition fees:

Prices for English language studies updated via the Decree of the Dean no. 18/2023

Application form (in English) click HERE

THE OBLIGATORY SUPPLEMENTS to the application form:

1. proffessional CV 

2. Officially recognized copy of the highest reached education (school- leaving certificate or university diploma) officially translated into Czech language

3. confirmation about the payment of administrative fee.

4. The foreigns who apply for the free or charge study in Czech have to submit the certified language certificate according to CEFR about the language ability. Levels are speciffic for each level of study (BA, MA, PhD).

5. The applicants for the study programme of Voice and Opera Directing have to prove the medical confirmation about the health ability for the study field.

All the applications with the enclosures must be printed and sent by post to the address bellow:

Music and Dance Faculty of AMU (HAMU)
Study Department
Malostranské náměstí 13
Prague 1, 118 00
Czech Republic


All students need a premission to residence up to 90 days in the Czech Republic (visa CzR).
They enclose the following documents:

  • Document on purpose of visit, e. g. the Letter of Acceptance or the Contract
  • Document confirming sufficient funds for stay

  • Document confirming legal accommodation in CzR

  • Document confirming absence of criminal record

  • 3 identical photographs (if the application is made in CzR)

  • Other documents pertinent to the application

The applications are accepted by the Embassy of the Czech Republic abroad or in the Czech Republic by the Ministry of Interior of the Czech Republic.


Application deadline:The deadline for both winter and summer semester or for the whole academic year is 31st March 2024.

Required language ability: English B1

Study plans of all the departments and fields -


HAMU uses only the Mobility Online system in the academic year 2024/2025.
Application forms are sent by

Compulsory documents:
CV, motivation letter, learning agreement, record (link for youtube)

Please note that the applicants are not accepted automatically, HAMU reserves the right to make a final choice of the Erasmus students.

Music and Dance Faculty
of the Academy of Performing Arts in Prague
Malostranské náměstí 258/13

International Relations Office
Room no.1005, 1st floor

Office hours:
9:30 - 12:00
12:30 - 13:00

For a meeting outside working hours please contact the international relations coordinator


Student Erasmus Coordinator Phone: 234 244 136 Person detail


International Relations Coordinator Phone: 234 244 145 Person detail