With effect from 18.5.2020 the Dean's instructions will change as follows:



  • HAMU students from all fields of study will have access to the college both to study with professors and to practise
  • student tuition and practice will take place in the corresponding spaces/classrooms dedicated to individual university departments/workplaces
  • the space/classroom for tuition or practice must then remain blocked in the faculty's reservation system. the student must contact the relevant department/workplace secretariat in good time to notify them that he/she needs to make the corresponding reservation. Following approval by the department/workplace head, the secretariat will make the appropriate reservation in the system. If the reservation is on a Saturday or a Sunday, the student must contact the relevant department/workplace secretariat at the latest by 12:00 on Friday. Graduate-year students take precedence
  • all the faculty premises (Liechtenstein Palace, Palais Hartig, UZA) will be open and accessible from 09:00 to 18:00, Monday to Sunday. Access will be possible via reception only
  • students and professors of the ZOR Department and the Wind Instrument Department may use their own classrooms for tuition and practice, and may remove their mouth and nose protection during tuition
  • for students and professors in other fields of study, the obligation to wear face masks during tuition remains in force
  • students needing to visit the faculty for reasons other than tuition or practice (e.g., to visit the research department or the relevant faculty department, etc.) are to arrange their visit with the relevant workplace in advance over the telephone. When entering the building they are to report at Lichtenstein Palace reception, where the receptionists will record their name in the appropriate register

The following remains in force:

  • all hygiene-related measures and rules must be strictly observed
  • the maximum number of persons in a music lesson is five, including professors
  • the maximum number of persons in a dance lesson is 10, including professors
  • participation in tuition and examinations will be permitted on the following conditions:
  • absence of acute health problems indicating a viral infection (e.g., raised temperature, cough, shortness of breath, sudden loss of appetite, sense of smell, etc.)
  • use of a hand disinfectant upon entering the examination room will be compulsory
  • individuals must not be subject to quarantine
  • students are to sign a declaration of good health and give it to the receptionist
  • preparation and rehearsals for opera performances will continue to be possible at the ZOR Department exclusively by way of individual consultation
  • tuition of theory subjects will continue by way of distance education


15. May 2020